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Ferric Chloride - Damascus Etching Solution (CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED GROUND)

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    Ferric Chloride Used for Etching Damascus Blades & Steel 16oz (475 mL) Highly Corrosive Be sure to take proper precautions when using product (wearing Protective Gloves, Glasses & Apron, etc.) Can Only Be Shipped Ground ----------------------- General etching procedure (YouTube videos are a great resource for directions) - Degrease blade with acetone. - Mix ferric chloride with distilled water (one part water, two parts acid) -OR- mix 60% ferric chloride and 40% white vinegar. Carefully pour solution into plastic (or pyrex) dish (some folks also use a PVC Pipe that has been sealed on one end as a container for etching). - Submerge the blade in the acid mixture, and let sit for a few minutes. - Remove to see the etched pattern. - Rinse the blade with warm water and (if you want a deeper etch) put it back in the acid until the desired etched depth is achieved. - Etching time required depends on how deep you want the etch to be and what kind of contrast you want. - On the last dip, remove blade from acid and allow the black oxidation to stay on the blade rinse in warm water & liberally cover the blade in baking soda to neutralize the acid (washing it in Windex will also work to neutralize the acid) - Dry the blade off, and wipe down with WD-40. You can also sand off the oxidation with 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper, if desired.